Stunning, silly, the prettiest ora, creative work-aholic, gem collector, triangle lover. My third inspiring white, lily-like, filled ora gal designs and creates the prettiest handmade necklaces, you can't leave home without.

#3 Della Chiu: Pins & Needles

Maker of beautiful special things.

 I have known Della always to be a very creative person, to me she is the talented girl, who could rock any era! I always saw an amazing light within Della. She has great ideas and has the greatest ways of creating that light in all of her work. A beaut who works in Toronto at a cute Boutique on Bloor street knows all about the little things and the greatness of handmade work. Della puts all of herself into her amazing work, her necklaces aren't just fantastic pieces that flow with any outfit. They are way more than that! Della wears one that she has had since the beginning of Pins&Needles that helps her create when she is making new designs. Every semi-precious gemstone has a meaning and Della creates jewellery based on that meaning of that specific gemstone. Whether its " Courage" a "Positive attitude towards change" Della will supply you with options, even completing the ends of the necklaces with things like beautiful feathers for a softer touch. You really just know when you see a piece and hear what Della has to say about it that she truly did somehow make it just for you, and that is just SOME of the reasons why Della and Pins&Needles is number three for Girl, put in work.

Just the best.

Thank you so much Della ! Pins&Needles has a great leading lady!

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Name: Della Chiu

Birthdate/Zodiac Sign: Aquarius!!!

Company name: Pins & Needles

Company start date:December 2012

About the company:I’m a one-woman show trying to bring a little peace into this world with beautiful one of a kind necklaces using healing semi-precious gemstones and vintage/broken jewelry.

Favourite necklace you have made:

My absolute favourite necklace that I’ve made was with an Aquamarine stone. Aquamarine helps improve your communication skills, heightens your spiritual awareness (and yet still keeps you centered), and boosts your creativity and keeps you focus on your responsibilities.

 Q & A with Pins & Needles

1. What was the biggest motivator for starting your own company?

I would say my longing for independence would be my biggest motivator for starting this company. I’ve come to realize that I want to be my own boss and work under my own rules.

2. Why are you and your fabulous company in Toronto?

Why not Toronto?  I feel that not a lot of people are aware of how much talent Toronto holds. After working at Risqué Clothing & Accessories -a little boutique on Bloor Street- and meeting other local Toronto designers, I knew I wanted to be part of that community. With such a wide variety of people from different cultures with different styles, Toronto is THE place to be.

3. Do you think women are making a mark in your specific industry? If so, how?

DEFINITELY! It’s all about our local Toronto designers. Jewelry is so essential to a woman’s wardrobe. It is the very thing that holds an outfit together. The difference between jewelry by a local designer and jewelry you’d buy at a big box store is a) the quality and b) the styles are very unique and funky. The key to being successful in the arts is standing out from the mass and I feel that our local designers definitely have their own unique style that shows in their beautiful pieces.

4. Who or what do you look to for inspiration?

Everything that I so firmly believe in lies within Buddhism, it has been a constant inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. By putting in positive energy into each piece and creating good karma, I hope that each piece will make a positive difference (even if it is the smallest difference) to whoever comes across my necklaces.

People who have inspired me are my family & friends. I love to surround myself with creative minds similar to mine. My family all have really great creative qualities in various different fields. My father took beautiful photographs. My mother sews, knits, & makes her own jewelry. And my brother has a wonderful eye for design and composition. Living in a house with so much creativity flowing was such a great experience for me as I was growing up. My friends contribute so much to the outcome of my necklaces as well. It’s them who give me all the positive energy that gets put into each necklace. Without these people in my life Pins & Needles would not be what it is.

5. What do you see for your Pins & Needles in 5 years?

I can see myself owning a little shop where all I do is create beautiful things all day long.

Thank you Pins & Needles!