Girl, put in work. December. Year-In-Review.


About Sounds Like Yellow
About Sounds Like Yellow

What a {whirlwind} of a year.

I wanted to blog about this year (and all the amazing-ness it has brought!) and thought within this "girl, put in work" blog it would fit best because I can only say how incredibly lucky and thankful I am for the people I have met, been able to work with and take SO many images of!


Gillian-about us bio2
Gillian-about us bio2



Gillian-about us bio1
Gillian-about us bio1


{ps. Thanks Jay Perry for these fab images of this gal who would rather be behind the lens}

This year I learned so much about owning my own business, and how amazing the city of Toronto is to entrepreneurs ! I am thrilled to have meet all of the following fellow #ladybosses, and blog about them and their amazing talents who push and inspire me every single day!

1. Allicia: Dear Frankie

2. Amy: The Pretty Vain

3. Della: Pins&Needles

4. Gillian: Gillian Nicola

5. Louise: Nayme Necklace

6.  Jessica + Florence: Fuzz Wax Bar

7. Maija: Midge Flower Design

8. Jillian: Headmistress

9. Jacklyn: Jacklyn Denise Communications

10. Katherine: SimpleSmiles&Co.

11. Becky: HoneyBea DesignHive

Thank you all for an amazing year! I can't wait to continue working with you as well as meet so many female entrepreneurs in this perfect city!

I am so excited to see what 2014 brings, and the amazing connections I will make with so many more women working their butts off for what they love in this city!

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Bring on 2014!

Gillian xo

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